Record your soccer memories

Our elevated camera system can record your soccer games in the Colorado Springs area.

See what we can do

Here's how it works.

We come to your soccer game in the Colorado Springs area.

Capture Your Game

Our elevated (can go up to 24 feet) tripod is used to capture footage of your game.

Turn it into a Movie

The footage is turned into a single movie. Slow motion effects can be added for goals and great plays.

Post it on YouTube

A great way to let everyone see the video. Use your mobile YouTube app or view it on your smart TV

Here’s some recent videos.

Videos shot for local teams on YouTube

Pride Copa 02

Goals scored by Pride Copa 02B during Fall 2015 season


What's it going to cost me?

  • U9 and below - $80
  • U13 and below - $100
  • U18 and below - $120


  • Colorado Springs Area

What do I get?

  • Video on YouTube (allow up to 1 week to post)
  • 1 copy of raw video upon request

When can I get you?

  • As schedule permits

How do I pay?

  • PayPal (preferred)
  • Check upon arrangement

Ready to make a soccer video for your team?